Sclerotherapy treatment for both smaller spider veins and larger varicose veins

Spider veins before and after treatment

Sclerotherapy is the injection of a soluction into veins, such as varicose, spider, reticular and telangiectasia veins. The solution is injected directly into the vein via a very small needle causing the vein wall to scar, clotting and closing down the vein that is causing discomfort for the patient.  Over time that vein will turn into scar tissue absorbed by body.  Sometimes during the treatment patients will experience a mild burning sensation that is typically relieved shortly after the injection. The total procedure time for sclerotherapy is approximately 30 minutes give or take.

The nice thing about sclerotherapy is that you are able to drive yourself home after the injection is done and you can for the most part resume your normal actiivites.  We do suggest and recommend walking the day of the treatment.  Some patients will note sensitivity, bruising, redness, heat, itching, lumpy, raised, brown discoloration in the area where the vein was injected. That typically goes away fairly quickly. There is no way to figure how it's going to feel for each patient, that's like predicting the weather or traffic, I'm horrible at it ! 

You will want to bring your compression hose with you to the appointment.  You will wear these for 2 full days after the procedure.  You should avoid ibuprofen/hot baths, or hot tubs following your injection but all other activities can be resumed as normal.

Insurance may cover your treatments. Schedule a FREE consultation with our Nurse Pracitioner Renee Lane where she will assess your symptoms and leg veins to determine if you will need an appointment for an ultrasound.  You will then be scheduled with our vein specialist, Dr. Gary Lane.  At that time Dr. Lane will go over your ultrasound results with you and give you the options for treatment. We submit for authorization and typically can get patients scheduled in within a few weeks.  

Kristen Gallup, RVT

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